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Weddings are our specialty!

When you hire a wedding DJ, it is important that the person is not only an expert in running great sound and lights, but also an expert in organizing the event, reading the reactions of family members and making sure the wedding goes as smoothly as possible. At High Frequency Dj’s we meet with each couple to determine what music is right for the event, work with the wedding party to ensure the timing and flow are perfect and cater to the family when it comes to requests, special dances and unforeseen challenges. Our 20 years+ experience makes us a little more insightful and a lot more flexible than the average DJ, so you can be sure, we are ready to host your event and set the atmosphere you imagine during the ceremony, dinner, special dances, reception and beyond.

Years Experience

“High Frequency Dj’s was a great choice for our wedding. They were professional, organized, easy to work with and played all the music we loved!”

Karen Sightler

Grand Junction DJ’s

High Frequency Dj’s specializes in wedding DJ services, as well as birthday parties, anniversaries, graduation and other special occasions.

What kind of music do you play?

We truly are versed in all styles of music and play whatever our customer’s request. We have an extensive collection of pop, country, rock, classic rock, reggae, hip/hop, rap, metal, indie, folk and popular music, as well as obscure, “unknown” tunes we enjoy. It is our policy to meet with our customer’s and discuss their favorite songs and build a playlist ahead of time to accommodate their personal style and preferences.

Do you take requests?

YES! We manage requests from wedding couples in advance by pre-purchasing all music they might want to hear throughout the night. We also have multiple live streaming options for venues that have wifi service available, making the request options virtually limitless.

Can you do the ceremony as well?

Yes! We generally provide one lapel microphone and one wireless microphone for ceremony sound as well as music for the processional, wedding march, recessional and special moments. If you have additional needs, just ask! We have a lot of resources and connections with local musicians to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

Will you announce everything for us?

YES! We meet with the couples in advance, discuss what special moments you with to include and then announce each event as it happens. This can include moments such as: serving dinner, toast, cutting the cake, first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, bridal party dance, money dance, bouquet toss, garter toss and more. ¬†Each event is catered to the customer’s requests, it is our job to help keep your crew on time and your guests ready for the next exciting moment.

Do you have lights?

Yes. We bring two sets of four color par can lights as well as some various party lights to help set the mood. ¬†Typically, during a wedding, these lights are not chasing and “exciting” until after the first dance has been completed. This helps to change the atmosphere from a beautiful, classy day to an exciting dance party. The change in lighting helps get people out of their chairs and realize that it’s time dance and have fun.

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